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All of these are looking for more people to join in. If one catches your interest, contact us for more information.

Elizabethan Archery Picnic - 1570s middle-class nice everday wear suitable for archery, fencing, quarterstaffing, maybe dancing, and definitely eating.
Venue: the archery range at Washington Park
Date: ongoing through the summer
This proved to be a popular event this summer and will re-appear next year.

Féte de les Victimes - 1795 - 1810s French and French-derived middle- to upper-class evening wear. These parties were originally thrown by/for "survivors" of the French Revolution's guillotine, people who had escaped execution even though their families and/or close associates did not. Frequently, attendees would wear a narrow, red ribbon around their necks to symbolise the guillotine's cut. Music, dance, cards and other games, food - a party.
Venue: private house or rented hall
Proposed date: around Halloween

Space Gypsies - Sort of an "Alemanni" type thing. If you have (or want to develop) a space-faring persona to play at the cons but don't want to do it alone, this may be a place for you. (Klingons, Centauri and Hynerians, oh my!)
Venue: the cons (f&sf conventions)
Date: recurring

Space Victorian - Shipmates of one of Her Majesty Queen Victoria's Star Ships. Co-ed crew having both uniforms and civilian wear probable for an 1870s space-faring culture. (Definite alternate reality here.)
Venue: the cons (f&sf conventions)
Date: recurring

PsyCorps R & D - (from Babylon 5) a previously undisclosed branch. (Now does that sound scary or what?)
Venue: the cons (f&sf conventions)
Date: recurring

Group outing to Camlann - 1370s English or visitor to England - middle-class.
Venue: a Camlann event
Date: recurring

Saq naDev (Land[ed] Here) - Klingon agricultural colony. So just where do you think those almighty warriors get their bloodwine? And before you say that farming is for wimps, you try fighting the weather, the bugs, etc., every year, day in and day out! !Qapla'!
Venue: the cons (f&sf conventions)
Date: recurring

And now for something completely different ....

Theatré de la Comedie - an exhibit of dioramas featuring mannekins and settings similar to Theatré de la Mode but that would present versions of documented paintings which, in high-quality photocopy form, would accompany the dioramas for comparison.
There are some real possibilites here ....
Hmm... how about what the painter really saw compared to what ended up on the canvas? You know, the 1700s family portrait with the six kids (and the pony) all nicely composed and somewhat bored-looking... what was he really having to deal with?
Or that enigmatic "oh, really ... you think so, hmm?" look on this other portrait's face ... What was she looking at?
It gives the opportunity to "show off" already-learned skills and the (even more valuable) opportunity to try some new ones in small scale like needleweaving a reproduction of a brocade or fully-embroidering a garment or making latex beasties or maybe doing fine-gauge wire and bead jewelry? Remember, this stuff is all in miniature! The dolls at the most would be only 2 feet tall!
Venue: Two are possible: either at Costume-Con's Doll Competition or at a local art gallery.
Proposed finish date: open

Last Update: 23 Oct 2001
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