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Started in September 1998, the Greater Portland Area Costumers' Guild was a member chapter of the International Costumers' Guild from March 1999 to October 2000. It now continues as an independent guild.

Since it's inception, the GPACG has had regular monthly meetings. We are currently getting together every Tuesday evening for what we're calling Stitch'n'Bitch sessions. The idea is to bring a project to work on (if you want), swap reference material and info, talk with other costumers, practice songs for the next caroling, plan future projects, whatever. There is no charge to attend any meeting and everyone is welcome.

The monthly Business meeting takes place at the second Stitch'n'Bitch of each month.

We also have occasional Saturday workshops on varying topics. In the past, we have worked on Elizabethan costuming, learned wool-felting and dyeing, and gone on field trips a variety of places; Fabric Depot, Mill Ends, Maryhill Museum, Mt Angel Library, and various festival and faires.

Just follow this link to find the meeting schedule for the next few months.

Membership rates are $20 for Full Membership, $18 for a Student Membership, and $10 for Associate Membership. All have full voting rights and are on equal status with each other. The only difference is that Full and Student Members get publications as part of membership and Associates do not. Associate Members must reside at the same address as Full Members. It is assumed they will share publications. You can now use PayPal to start (or re-new) your membership.

Critical Measure, the GPACG newsletter, is published on a monthly basis and contains meeting minutes, event notices, articles and other items of interest to costumers.


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